Solutions for Owners

To properly manage assets, Owners & Operators need ALL of their data. More importantly, they need that data to be useful, helping them manage regulatory compliance or helping to spend financial resources more wisely.

Solutions for Owners

Smart Data. Smart Decisions.

Municipalities are tasked with spending limited funds to maintain vast networks of aging sewer pipes.  Often times, this task is made even more difficult by limited time, resources, technologies, and information.  RedZone addresses this problem by developing innovative product technologies and solutions aimed at providing municipalities with smart data, enabling them to make smarter decisions.

RedZone works with municipalities in a variety of ways, including wastewater condition assessment projects, trunk and interceptor inspections, equipment sales or leases, or our innovative system-wide YES Your Entire System Program.

RedZone enables the collection of smart data through its advanced inspection technologies and data collection capabilities.  Autonomous robots help cities collect vast amounts of high quality information.  Multi-Sensor Inspection (MSI) technologies provide cities with a clear understanding of the condition of their most critical infrastructure.

However, collecting better information, and more of it, does not itself enable smarter decisions.  The information must be made useful with easy-to-use software.  Typically information is all too often left in binders, put on shelves, or left on hard drives such that it cannot be used to enable informed decision making.  To address this, RedZone has developed our ICOM3 software to help manage and interact with data, ultimately creating a centralized system of record.  The ICOM3 software helps tie inspection, work, and other asset information to a GIS map interface.  The software includes embedded viewers so that video and MSI data can be quickly accessed or queried.  Specialized decision support tools help managers weigh available information to identify their highest risk pipes and system areas.