Solutions for Engineers

RedZone has a longstanding, proven track record of providing exceptional value to engineers, consultants and their customers. Whether its world-class robotic products or leading edge technology solutions, consultants will be able to get more data and make it more useful than ever before.

Solutions for Engineers

World-Class Robotic Products - Leading Edge Technology Solutions

RedZone has a longstanding proven track record with engineers and consultants.  Our successful partners range from large global engineering firms to smaller regional firms.  At RedZone we strive to provide engineers with the information needed to make the best decisions and recommendations.

Whether working with an engineering firm to conduct a systemwide sewer assessment, a unique inspection project, or on an in-depth rehabilitation plan, RedZone’s advanced data collection capabilities will provide the engineers with the best possible information from which to work.

Samples of our deliverables include but are not limited to the following:

  • Advanced inspections and reporting (like bend radius analysis) to help engineers plan and design rehab like sliplining
  • Information and software tools that help engineers quickly summarize findings and make recommendations
  • Quantitative Multi-Sensor Inspection (MSI) information to help engineers forecast a fact-based remaining useful life
  • Accurate measurements to help engineers model capacity and flow in a system (including pipe slope, cross-sectional area with and without sediment, and flow-level measurements)
  • GPS Coordinates and other GIS services to help engineers prepare accurate GIS maps.