MSI Multi Sensor Inspection

Multi-Sensor Inspections (MSI) combine conventional qualitative CCTV with synchronized laser and sonar dimension information.

MSI Multi Sensor Inspection

Why Undertake Multi-Sensor Inspections (MSI)?

Sometimes a picture alone does not tell the whole story. Pioneered by RedZone, Multi-Sensor Inspections (MSI) combine conventional qualitative CCTV with synchronized laser and sonar dimension information. This unique full 360° quantitative view of the pipeline can help to pin point which lines in your system require immediate attention, thanks to accurate, quantified issues with corrosion, sediment, and ovality.

Historically in critical large diameter trunks and interceptors, visual-only inspection often is unreliable and leaves decision-makers with the tough task of evaluating which pipes might appear to be deteriorating.  With costly rehab decisions at stake, wastewater managers need facts on corrosion severity, not just visual evidence of potential problems.


What will a Multi Sensor Inspection Provide?

In the examples below we can see two CCTV images that appear to be in similar condition – it is not until you look at the MSI profiles to the right where you can quantify that the upper pipe is in considerably worse condition.

Corrosion HD Responder Combined