RedZone Robotics Announces Acquisition of Cleanflow Systems

Combination creates an unparalleled portfolio of wastewater asset management solutions and positions the company to work with industry partners and help cities globally

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA – September 13, 2011 – RedZone Robotics, Inc. has announced the acquisition of Cleanflow Systems, a leading provider of wastewater condition assessment technologies based in New Zealand.

RedZone is a leading designer and manufacturer of robotic wastewater inspection technologies and related analytic and decision-support tools, serving municipalities, contractors, and engineering firms. Both RedZone and Cleanflow have a demonstrated history of developing innovative products that help their clients precisely measure and understand the condition of their underground sewer infrastructure, such as RedZone’s autonomous Solo® inspection robot and Cleanflow’s HDProfiler® inspection platform.

RedZone further provides wastewater asset management software solutions that organize critical data and help wastewater managers make smarter fact-based decisions. The combination of the two companies is a marriage of complementary assessment and analytics technologies that includes solutions for the full range of wastewater infrastructure. This combined portfolio of products and services provides information that helps wastewater asset owners and their partners do a better job of delivering services, spend limited funds more wisely and ensure compliance with regulatory agencies.

Ultimately, management representatives from both firms expect both new and existing customers to benefit greatly.

The combination of Cleanflow and RedZone made sense for the business and for customers. The two companies together can provide all of the tools required for customers to make sense of the world’s abundant wastewater collection systems, which are all too frequently out of sight and out of mind. The challenge is to put the much needed information in the hands of wastewater managers so they can proactively manage their sewer infrastructure. The combined offering gives collection system owners, as well as their engineering and contractor partners all of the tools they need.

Today’s wastewater manager has been constrained by diminishing budgets and resources at a time when consumer demand is high, infrastructure is deteriorating, and regulatory pressures are mounting. Wastewater managers have an enormous need for a breakthrough innovation that really helps make the manager’s job significantly easier. The combined solutions are easy to use, provide the information that is desperately needed, and will make a huge difference to wastewater managers, the communities they serve, and to the environment. Independently each company is respected in the industry. Together the company is a global leader with the ability to serve clients of every size, and across the globe, with the sewer assessment and analytics tools they require.

Today the combined entity reaches customers in 35 countries including some of the world’s largest cities, engineering firms and contractors.

About RedZone Robotics, Inc.
RedZone Robotics provides a wastewater infrastructure asset management platform that helps municipalities globally manage their valuable and abundant wastewater assets. Using RedZone’s proprietary data acquisition robotics and industry leading ICOM3 wastewater asset management software, RedZone provides municipalities and engineers tools that provide better information that can be used to comply with regulatory requirements, spend limited financial resources smartly, and save the environment. For more information please visit

Ken Wolf
VP Sales & Marketing
RedZone Robotics, Inc.


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