RedZone Products

Industry Leading Products Designed to Get Your Data & Make It Useful!

MSI HD Profiler

The industry leading multi-sensor inspection technology (MSI) for performing inspections and condition assessment on large interceptors and tunnels.

HD Sonar Sub

Leading underwater condition assessment product to get debris calculations and water level analysis in siphons and surcharged lines with long deployment capabilities.

MSI MD Profiler

RedZone extends the industry leading multi-sensor inspection technologies (MSI) down to now perform inspections and condition assessment on smaller, or mid-diameter pipes.

Solo Robots

The world’s only unmanned condition assessment tool designed to deliver unmatched daily quantities of high quality inspection data in your most abundant pipe sizes.

Snap On Lasers

Industry leading snap-on lasers provide ovality profiling measurements to enhance the information gathered by many of the most popular CCTV cameras.

ICOM V4 Asset Management Software

ICOM V4 hosted software provides a suite of integrated inspection, maintenance, and asset management solutions using advanced planning, prioritizing, and management tools for all inspection, maintenance, and refurbishment activities.