New Inspection Platform for 15″-36″ Multi-Sensor Inspection of Trunks and Interceptors Released

After several years of collecting high quality multi-sensor data in 36″ and larger sewer pipes, RedZone is now releasing a smaller version of the technology designed for 15″-36″ pipes.

Like 36″ and larger trunks and interceptors, this 15″-36″ range of pipes suffers from the same sorts of problems and deterioration that wastewater managers need to be able to diagnose and address. Corrosion of the pipe wall, deformation, and accumulation of sediment are all critical conditions that can often be difficult to detect or quantify with visual-only CCTV inspection. This new MSI (Multi-Sensor Inspection) platform captures laser and sonar in addition to CCTV so that full 360-degree cross-section measurements can be taken throughout the pipeline, regardless of flow level.

The new platform is designed to collect data in dry pipes, pipes with partial flow, or fully surcharged pipes. With onboard batteries and data logging, the deployment range for the system is limited only by the length of rope used to tether the system. This enables inspections of many thousands of feet in length.

“This new platform is an exciting new tool in RedZone’s toolbox, enabling us to provide valuable data in a wider range of critical sewer pipes. This further supports our goal of providing wastewater managers with smart data to enable them to make smarter decisions”, said Ken Wolf, RedZone’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The data outputs and reports will be identical to those produced by RedZone’s larger diameter inspection systems. This means that the data will flow seamlessly into RedZone’s viewers and software tools, enabling customers to most easily explore the data and understand the condition of their pipelines.

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