Demand For Better Pipe Condition Information Drives RedZone’s Growth

In order to satisfy increased customer demand, RedZone Robotics has moved to a new, larger facility, hired a national sales manager, and is increasing staff. Driven by a need to manage costs associated with aging wastewater infrastructures, municipalities across North America now desire much more information about their pipe conditions than in the past. RedZone’s unique ability to provide advanced, multi-sensor pipe inspection information continues to gain industry attention. With this expansion, Redzone is increasing delivery capacity while continuing to develop new technology and services.

Municipalities have now realizing that CCTV video is not sufficient to make critical rehabilitation decisions, particularly with large diameter pipe. It can be too easy to miss a defect or pipe degradation that could end up resulting in a catastrophic failure. The RedZone solution integrates laser, sonar, and gas detection data along with high resolution digital images into a single application. Customers are beginning to realizing the benefits of this multi-sensor information.

RedZone has developed an information delivery process that uses skilled engineers in Pittsburgh who analyze the data from the field and present it to the customer in an easy-to-understand format. In order to accommodate the expanding engineering team, RedZone has moved to new 13,000 square feet offices in Lawrenceville, a Pittsburgh neighborhood that is home to Carnegie University’s National Robotic Engineering Center (NREC) and a growing number of robotics companies.

RedZone has also hired Gordon Henrich as National Sales Manager to manage the steady increase in customer inquiries, contracts, and customer service activities. Gordon brings 25 years of municipal piping system experience to RedZone and understands the inspection requirements for condition-based asset management.

“Over the past several years, I have seen municipalities’ desire for better pipe condition information soar.” says Mr. Henrich. “With RedZone, I can provide my customers the high quality information they need to make critical rehabilitation decisions and extend the lifetime of their pipes.”

RedZone will have additional delivery capacity in place by the summer of 2008 while its R&D team is on target to introduce an exciting, new inspection technology in the fall.


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