RedZone is the leading provider of wastewater asset management solutions.

Simplifying Wastewater Asset Management

At RedZone we believe that managing assets comes down to managing data.  Too frequently in water and wastewater, critical assets are managed without the information required to ensure optimal decision making. Using proprietary data acquisition robotics and industry leading ICOM3 software, RedZone helps owners and engineers get the information they need to comply with regulatory requirements; spend limited funds wisely, save money and the environment.

Benefits of Working with RedZone

Save Time

With inspection technologies that are faster than conventional methods, you get the core information required to facilitate understanding and planning sooner.

Save Money

RedZone condition assessment tools are more cost-effective than the alternatives. Once you start understanding your system comprehensively, you are able to eliminate unnecessary activities and better prioritize your repairs and renewal efforts.

Easier Compliance

Since regulators tend to come down hard on owner-operators who can’t prove that they are doing the right thing, the system-level approach by RedZone and baseline level data is used to facilitate regulatory reporting and increase transparency to local and federal level regulators.

Save the Environment

Pinpointing priorities and inspecting your system on a more timely cycle will give you the information needed to help avoid CSOs, SSOs, and needless construction.